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Flexible Offices in NYC

Despite New York City’s depressed economy, there is a flurry of activity in at least one niche of the real estate industry

Source: New York Times

Serviced Office NY

Your business goes through different stages and depending on your stage, your need for Office Space in Manhattan can have very different requirements.

Source: ThinkSpace.Com

Furnished Office Space NY

If you need to get out of the house, subleasing office space in Manhattan from another business can be the perfect solution to your small office needs.

Source: Jeff Landers/INC

NY Commercial Real Estate

Renting an Manhattan executive office suite can add polish to your professional appearance and make your business seem bigger than it is.

Source: Jeff Landers/INC


Getting out of the house was the first step. Now, where will you go?

Source: Jeff Landers/INC

New York City-Temporary-Office

Who knows what can happen in 12 months' time? Even you don't! So why would you sign a lease for more than 1 year?

Source: Jeff Landers/INC

Cheap Office Space NY

How Executive Suites Can Save a Start-up Company Money

Source: Cheree Dohmann / Articlesbase

Low-Cost Office Space

A Manhattan executive office suite is an affordable way to present a professional image to your clients.

Source: David Nikolic / Articlesbase

Affordable Offices NYC

Do You Know the Difference Between Commercial And Executive Suites?

Source: Cheree Dohmann / Articlesbase

Virtual Offices NYC

How Not to Look For Executive Suites in NYC

Source: Joe Lewis / Articlesbase

Business Center NY

Build Business Relationships with an Executive Office Suite

Source: Casey Sung / Ezine Articles

Cheap Offices NYC

The Sweet Life For Office Renters - Executive Suites Industry Overview

Source: Lynn Woods / FindArticles.Com

Furnished Office in NY

Why Executive Suites Are Cheaper than Traditional Office Space

Source: Joe Lewis / Articlesbase

NYC Office Sublet

Why Financial Planners Use Executive Suites

Source: Robert E Duncan / Ezine Articles

NYC Office Rent

Executive Office Space Includes Everything - Even the Kitchen Sink

Source: Cheree Dohmann

NYC Office Lease

Is a Shared Office Space in Your Future?

Source: Darrell Zahorsky / About.Com

Lease an Office NY

Corporations want more than just office space.

Source: Lawrence E. Tannenbaum / FindArticles.Com

Rent an Office NY

The Advantages of an Executive Suite Over A Home Office

Source: Mark Stone / Articlesbase

Commercial Lease Office Space

Commercial Property/Business Centers; Modern Office for Rent: Daily Rates Available

Source: John Holusha / NY times

NYC Office Rentals

Why maintain empty cubicles? Companies are gaining flexibility with on-demand office space.

Source: Michelle Conlin / Business Week

Demand for Micro Office Solutions' Flexible Office Space on the Rise

Despite - or perhaps because of - the deep economic crisis that has plagued businesses in New York City and around the world, Micro Office Solutions is experiencing unprecedented levels of demand.

Source: Micro Office Solutions

Flexible Alternatives to Traditional Office Space Leases

Business Centers such as Micro Office offer flexibility that can be vital during these hard financial times.

Source: Micro Office Solutions

Office business centers: Alternatives for startups

Why places like Micro Office are a necessary to success


Excellence in business needs to be celebrated

All of the companies honored -- both large and small -- share the same commitment and undying perseverance to growing their businesses and giving back to the community.


San Jose first to dip toes, dollars in VC pool

"Create a $3 million fund that it will invest in local companies that it hopes will go on, in the long run, to create wealth and jobs"


New contract regulation helps small business


Safe bet: Entrepreneur wants his device right at retailers' fingertips

How one man saw the flaws of an existing product to create a more safe and more efficient tool