Sharing Office Space

Column by Jeff Landers/INC.

If you need to get out of the house, subleasing office space in Manhattan from another business can be the perfect solution to your small office needs.

Many companies are looking to rent their excess Manhattan office space to budding entrepreneurs. Maybe they downsized, or maybe they rented extra space for future growth and don't need it yet. For whatever reason, they need tenants and are willing to share their resources.

Sharing Manhattan office space is an excellent alternative for people who are looking for more off-beat locations or a more casual aesthetic. Executive office suites are nothing more than subleasing a part of someone else's office -- a very simple concept.

What you get with executive office suites is the opportunity to create the office that best fits you, your style and your business. It will allow you to create the office culture that speaks accurately about who you are and what you believe in. You can choose the perfect environment to grow your business.

Sharing space also allows you to network and share resources -- an added bonus. Many companies are excited to rent to a complementary business. Where executive Office suites are run by a company solely devoted to meeting your small office needs, executive office suites are run by the people who inhabit them -- accountants, artists, designers, just like you. They are regular folks and as such, they may or may not be great landlords. The copier always might be on the fritz and the receptionist might smack her gum too loudly. This is all part of the unpredictability of moving in with strangers, but if you are up for the ride, you could find a match made in office heaven!