Executive Office Space Includes Everything - Even the Kitchen Sink

Article by Cheree Dohmann

Once upon a time, if you were looking for an executive suite, you got four plain walls and a rug on the floor. The rest was up to you.  
Then someone had an idea. Why not take a business center, divide it up into separate offices and provide everything necessary for a business. Thus was born the concept of serviced office space or, as it is also called, 'executive office suites'.  
They outfitted the offices with furniture and even tastefully decorated them. They also installed a full battery of business machines throughout the building so that anyone renting serviced office space would have easy access to the equipment they needed.  
Then they threw in the kitchen sink along with the rest of the kitchen. Also fully equipped conference rooms.  
But here was the real brilliance behind the concept of serviced office space:  
No long-term lease was required. 
Furnished office space was made available simply by signing a simple rental agreement. 
Rentals could be for a day, week, month or whatever length of time the executive space was needed.  
Did executive suites become popular?  
Absolutely. You can now find furnished office space in cities all over the world. Just type either of the two terms, 'executive office suite' or ‘business center’ into an Internet search engine. Add the city you are interested in and you'll probably end up with a number of executive office options.  
Remember, if you want executive office space, want to conserve on your capital outlay, or just want the convenience of moving into a serviced office do a search for executive office suites or serviced office space. They provide everything, including the kitchen sink.