How Executive Suites Can Save a Start-up Company Money

Posted: Mar 11th, 2007/ Cheree Dohmann/ Articlesbase

A start-up company sometimes overlooks executive office suites as an office space option and they shouldn't be. They can save as much as 70% over conventional Manhattan Office space.

Here's what you will discover. Executive office Suites can be rented for a day, a week, a month or whatever time frame fits your plans...and there is no delay. You will be able to move right in.

Also, there is nothing to buy. Executive office Suites can be completely furnished for you. That alone will save a ton of start-up capital. Plus, executive office
suites are almost always located in prestigious, Manhattan business centers. That means you'll be looking successful from day one, whether you're renting Large Manhattan private office spaces or one of many executive office suites in other cities.

The benefits and savings don't stop with just the furniture when renting professional low cost office space. You will also have access to a whole battery of office equipment, such as copiers and fax machines. Plus, a trained receptionist is provided to greet your visitors...and this person isn't going to be on your
payroll. A broadband wireless Internet connection is also provided, enabling you to be doing business on the Internet minutes after walking into your new office.

Here's why an executive office suite is so ideal for any start-up company.

1) No long term lease.
2) No furniture or office equipment to buy.
3) No staffing required. (New York executive office suites can also provide a secretary.)
4) An impressive office building, which gives you the look of success.

And here's an added benefit we haven't mentioned. You've got a fully equipped meeting or conference room available...not just in Irvine or wherever you happen to be. Executive office suites in New York are part of a worldwide network so you can arrange meetings in prime facilities all around the globe.

There's no question about it. If you're in a start-up mode, one of the smartest things you can do is check out an executive office suite provider in your area. You'll look like a well-established and successful company the moment your New York executive suite door is opened for business.