Do You Know the Difference Between Commercial And Executive Suites?

Posted: Apr 21st, 2007/ Cheree Dohmann/ Articlesbase 

If you don't, it could cost you a lot of money. Particularly if you're a small business, start-up or a company looking for short-term executive office accommodations. 
At first glance you might say to yourself, Manhattan
Executive office suites sound way too expensive for my budget. But don't be fooled by a name. If you're looking to setup and staff an office, Large, Private office space could save you as much as 70% over commercial office space. 
Executive office suites go by several different names. They might be called: 
> Large, private office space 
> New York Business centers  
> Executive Space  
They all refer to the basically the same type of money saving, anti-hassle, easy to set up office space rental in Manhattan, that can be found in most cities in the U.S. and even overseas. They are often located in prestigious office buildings which give you the look of success before your name even goes on the door.  
So why are 'executive office suites' often better than traditional Manhattan office space? 
The word 'Contract' is one big difference. Most commercial space requires a long-term contract, which is not altogether bad if you're a well-established company. But many companies don't want to be tied to an office location for a year to ten years.  
So what's the answer? Executive office suites. The idea was spawned some years ago to answer the needs of small to medium-sized companies. There is no long-term contract. Just a simple rental agreement that provides the office space you need for a day, week, month or whatever your requirements. The important thing to remember is that you won't be locked into a long-term situation. 
Also, you can save money on furnishings and staff 
Executive office suites specialize in making things easy. Want your office furnished? You got it. Want a trained receptionist to take your calls and greet your customers? You've got it. And this person won't be on your payroll.  
It all comes down to this. If you want a New York Business center with flexible terms that is ready for you to walk in, sit down and start doing
business, you need to understand the difference between traditional New York office space and Manhattan executive office suites.

With executive space in New York, you can have the look of an established
successful company in a prestigious location almost instantly. Plus, you will save a bundle on setup and staffing costs. Executive suites in New York are well worth considering before making any decision on your future office needs.