Short Term Office

We provide you the benefit of a short tem office, without the hidden charges and complex agreements. Our pricing is extremely economical, starting at $495 per month for a short term office in one of our 3 convenient, accessible Manhattan locations.

Our short term offices and related business services apply to a variety of different businesses, over numerous diverse industries:

  • Small businesses
  • Small Office
  • New or expanding companies
  • Professionals in need of a short term office
  • Sales offices
  • Professionals such as lawyers, consultants, authors, and salespeople

Our unique short term offices provide you with a private office space furnished with desks, chairs, and filing cabinets. Our Services included in our all inclusive plan; conference rooms, meeting facilities, recurring cleaning services, professional mailing address, printer, fax, and photocopy machine access and on-site mail handling.

We serve the Manhattan market, economically driven businesses and professionals with a superb value, convenience and unmatchable services. Contact us for more information at, 1-646-201-5508 or by email at